7:54 / 29. januar 2013
Guildford United Reform Church

I’ve driven past the Guildford United Reform Church countless times in my youth; the church sits on Portsmouth Road, one of the main roads out of town, and was built in 1965. It moved from what was, by all accounts, a beautiful old 19th Century church that used to sit on North Street, right in the center of Guildford. It seems that North Street used to be quite a pretty little place, until, in the 60s town planners decided to knock down of all the pretty stuff and build some really ugly stuff instead. And I don’t mean the kind of 60s brutalist architecture that we all love, I mean really ugly stuff; well, lets see how we feel about it another 20 years, maybe we like it by then. However, the new church is in a different class: from the outside it looks like one day it might just take off and fly into space, while the inside is simple, clean and elegant.